• Aztec Patchbay Editor Pro!
  • Mac / Windows Compatible
  • Updated Graphics and Layout
  • Fully Stacked Toolbar
  • Patchbay Templates and Unlimited Colors
  • Multiple Bays Per Project / Undo / Redo and MANY, MANY MORE FEATURES
  • Dropdown Menu and Compact Styles
  • Now with Print Preview

Introducing Aztec Patchbay Editor Pro!   Version 4.6 (released 10/27/2017)

Version 2 & above users upgrade for FREE!  (just enter your license key after installation)

Aztec Patchbay Editor Pro is an audio and video patchbay labeling software.  Anyone who owns a recording studio or integrates patchbays for a living knows how cumbersome it can be trying to get professional labels printed and spaced properly.  My name is Robert Pride and I have been installing and working in recording studios since 1996.  I have seen it all!  From ptouch labels, to hand written labels, to gaff tape with sharpie.  For years I have tried different ways of labeling patchbays for users and clients.  I have used word documents, spreadsheets, Adobe illustrator, and I even for years used a program written for windows 95 called Patchbay Label Pro by Re’an.  I used this software for years, but it was very limited in its options, crashed constantly and could not do simple copy/paste or labelstrip colors.  I decided it was time that us Pro Audio users had a professional solution to label our patchbays.  Introducing Aztec Patchbay Editor Pro, a complete patchbay labeling software solution.  This software can create dynamic, great looking, and perfectly spaced patchbay labels no matter what kind of patchbay you are using.  Please download our Demo to see it in action.

      • Dynamic Label Spacing.
      • Pre Defined System labelling spacing templates.
      • User defined labelling spacing section.
      • Centering text and vertical separation lines.
      • Copy and Paste whole sections.
      • Colored Label Strips.
      • New formatting options: Change font, size and BOLD.
      • Supports different size patchbays with different patchpoint counts.
      • Labels print to any compatible printer using standard paper.
      • Purchase New License for $29.99
      • Purchase Additional or upgrade License for $19.99
      • Plus much, much more...

System Requirements:
        • Microsoft : Windows 10
        • Mac OSX : Sierra
        • Screen resolution of at least 1280x800
        • No other minimum hardware requirements
Although it has not been tested, the software should work in Windows 7 and 8 as well as other versions of OSX. Install our free demo to try it out before you purchase.

New Features in Version 4.5
        • New System Patchbay Templates, including getting new templates from the web when released.
        • New System Presets and searchable System Equipment.
        • Ability to get System Equipment updates from the web.
        • Allow Exporting an image format to have as a source of documentation for the layout of the bays.
        • Ability to select different colors on the upper and lower areas of each row.
        • Ability to use any color as background of labels.
        • Allow Merging Between Groups (beta)
        • New Global Preferences menu that allows turning on/off features
        • Added Autosave
        • Updated help menu.

Printing Specific Features and Bug Fixes:
        • 4.6 Patch : Quick fix for Printing
        • Drastic improvements to printing dialog, different papers and all sorts of settings
        • Print Preview now is allowed when unlicensed.
        • Print the name of the file on the paper
        • Shift all of the printing including print preview to the left a bit
        • Allow printing smaller bays without break in middle.
        • Allow Printing of test label before purchasing
        • Clean up code on opening print preview and print
        • fix print/preview when merged between groups.
        • Ad ability to shift labels left or right when printing
        • Allow print to 11x17 and other kinds of paper.

        • Various UI, toolbar, menu tweaks, updates and changes.
        • Change green message box on patchbay to the word Unlicensed DEMO.
        • Change key icon to key with line through it when unlicensed.
        • Create check on importing labels that haven’t been converted to 3.5 yet.
        • Clean up code on equipment insert to detect inserting at 0, and  not allow border or end border on 48.
        • Automatically skip group patchpoint when inserting either kind of template.
        • Add text area that shows your current text when you are on a cell.
        • No longer remove vertical line when merging or umerging single cell.
        • Changed the way Merge, Draw and BOLD work with holding Shift and the button no longer requires you to use right click.
        • Patchbay selection dropdown now has (parenthesis) to indicate currently selected bay.
        • Text view now more closely matches the print and print preview size.

New Features in Version 3.5
      • Import labels from other projects. (Version 3 and up)
      • Move between patchbay rows with cursor.
      • Use the shift key to change multiple rows and columns of Color, Bold and Lines with 1 click.
      • Use shift click will allow merging of more than 2 cells and multiple merge sections.
      • Copy/Paste now works with colors.
      • Copy/Paste and move single or multiple sections.
      • Delete multiple cells when selected.
      • Holding Shift while deleting clears the cell or group of cells completely.
      • Drag and Drop single and multiple sections. (experimental beta)

Bug Fixes:
      • Opening Version 1 crashes the project now fixed with appropriate error message.
      • Help Menu Color Key Command.
      • Bug fixed related to shift select.
      • Print preview now appears lower on the screen so that the buttons would not be hidden on some smaller screens.
      • Patchbay number did not print even though it showed in the print preview display.
      • Text when editing is now bigger and closer to the printed version.
      • Fixed issue where some users experienced not being able to put in decimal points in the label width.

Right Click and Other Enhancements in Version 3.5
      • Recall, Copy and Import Patchbays via right click.
      • Merging / Draw lines / Bold via right click.
      • Coloring via right click.
      • Copy/Paste via right click.
      • Toolbar updates.
      • Typing directly in a cell no longer ignores your first letter.
      • Print preview vertical alignment settings are now saved with file.
      • Recent file list width now shows all characters in the file path, whereas in earlier releases the width of the menu was fixed.
      • Recent file, and Save menu are now greyed out If there is nothing to show or save.
      • Updated Program and Label icons.

New Features in Version 3
      • Updated and reorganized Toolbar and Menus.
      • Larger patchbay workspace and updated graphics.
      • Updated icon and button graphics.
      • More colors.
      • 10 levels of undo.
      • Redo.
      • Print Preview.
      • Updated help section.
      • Recent files list.
      • Patchbay Notes section.
      • Horizontal scrolling of patchbay.
      • Copy patchbay labels between bays.
      • Save and recall up to 19 patchbay labels in 1 project with multiple label spacing for each bay label.
      • View and change vertical alignment changes instantly in print preview.
      • System label presets for commonly used label groups like 1-24, L-R, in-out and much more.
      • Instant Visual toolbar updates: the toolbar button changes to show you the state of the currently selected cell (Bold, color, line).
      • Compact toolbar allows for use on older screens, minimal 1300 width required.

Bug Fixes:
      • Better text implementation and handling.
      • Better file handling.
      • Cleaned up code for various functions under the hood.

Screen Shots

Known Inconsistencies or limitations

When a group of cells are merged, the color property is copied throughout the merged range. It is possible to color inside this merged area with differing colors, but the colors will not print out correctly. It is best to keep the colors in a merged area the same. At this time there is no way to prevent the user from changing the colors inside a merged area. See below for an example.