Thank you for your interest in Aztec Patchbay Editor Pro!

If you have not purchased a license yet, you must pay for one before filling out the license request form below. Please purchase a license from the options below. You are eligible for a discount if you already have a license, (Version 1, or version 2) or if you wish to purchase additional licenses.


After purchasing your license, you must return to this page with your COMPUTER HARDWARE ID that you can retrieve from the license page from within the Aztec Patchbay Editor Pro program and fill out the appropriate “License Request form” below in order to receive your license.
Select if you are purchasing for the first time: $29.99


Select if you need an additional license $19.99:

  • Select this option if you already own a valid licence for ANY of our versions.  This will allow you to generate another license to run our software on an additional computer.



Please note that licenses have to be processed manually, and although we may be able to process the license within a few minutes, that it can take up to 24 hours for you to receive your license.


How to generate a license

Please follow the instructions below to acquire your software licensing details.

You will need to generate a Computer ID by launching the program and clicking the key toolbar button.

You will then see the license page where you will need to copy the Computer ID into the license form below EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS.



Once we receive your Computer ID, we will generate your license key and send it in an email to you.  you will then copy and paste this key into the license window on your application and click Apply License Key.



Note that you will be issued 1 license only per purchase so make sure you are applying and generating the correct license that matches your Valid Computer ID.  If you install the software on another computer, or reinstall the operating system due to a hardware failure, your computer will generate a different ID and your license will not be valid and you must purchase another license. We are no longer supporting, selling or issuing any licenses for the original version of our software which required excel to function.  If you hold a license for our original version and need support or have license issues, please contact our support department directly. We encourage you to upgrade to the latest version  and purchase a new license at a discount.